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Arte Italica continually strives to design and introduce products that cannot be

found elsewhere in the marketplace. As one of the leading importers of Luxury

European Decor, Arte Italica captures the essence of Europe in each collection.

Every beautiful piece is handcrafted using the same techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

Another unique feature of Art Italica is evidenced in the way each collection blends beautifully with one another in seemingly endless combinations. This

versatility guarantees the uniqueness and timeless longevity of every handcrafted


Volterra Dinnerware

Beautiful Volterra is named for the lovely Tuscan

city Volterra, well known for the pure Alabaster

mined there since early Etruscan times. Created

to mimic the subtle beauty of Alibastar.  

Merletto Dinnerware

The Merletto Collection, meaning lace, is crafted using a delicate glaze over rich black clay. The pattern is inspired by handmade, antique Italian lace that is hand pressed into the ceramic prior to the application of the glaze. The beautiful, vintage design, elegant colors and intricate details all combine to create a unique and charming table setting.

The collection is offered in Antique Lace, Aqua, and White.

The Vetro Collection

Arte Italica's Vetro Collection is available in both 18-Karat Gold and Sterling Silver.

The dinnerware is meticulously hand crafted by skilled artisans using clear glass. the border is first intricately etched then hand painted with Gold and Silver.

Arte Italica

Beautifully Handcrafted Italian Tableware, Glass Ware, Bar Ware, Platers and Home Decor

Splendore Dinnerware

Handmade mouth-blown glass swirled with white and finished with an iridescent taupe glaze. This unique glass is trimmed with pewter beading. This line pairs beautifully with the classic Tuscan dinnerware.

Tuscan Dinnerware

Vetro Gold Dinnerware

Vetro Silver Dinnerware

The Bruno Collection

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