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Bella Notte Linens

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Bella Notte Linens

San Juan Kitchen & Home Stocks an array of styles and colors to choose from.

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Special Order by calling: 949-489-0149   Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Pacific Time

or Email: [email protected]

Create a timeless boudior that reflects your own unique style by layering luxe 

texture and soft colors. Enjoy the timeless heirloom quality of fine Linen.

Add the ultimate of  Luxury Sheeting to enhance your timeless collection!

Bella Notte Linens begin with Organic Low impact to the enviroment fabrics,

defined as textiles that have minimal impact on the enviroment over their life cycle- from farming and harvesting of raw materials (e.g., organic cotton and hemp) through production, usage and disposal. All fabric is custom dyed using non-toxic dyes, which use less heat, energy and water than conventional dyes.

The majority of  the collections are both manufactured and finished in the 

San Francisco Bay Area by local community craftspeople.

Come in and Visit our Beautiful Bella Notte Linens

Plenty of stock to choose from!

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